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Why leave it to chance? Analyze the exact performance of your digital advertising campaigns with our exclusive Geolift method.
Based on AB testing and robust statistical techniques, it reveals the true ROAS of your media, and allows you to measure the post-views effect, which no other tool or advertising network is able to calculate. Expect surprises !

Measure Post View Impact on Your Sales

Post Views in the Full Customer Journey

Measuring CTRs is only one parameter in evaluating ad banner performance on Meta or Google. Geolift goes a lot further in helping you understand how important post views are to your campaign.

geolift enables you to understand how important post views are to your campaign
map showing AB testing using zip code illustration

Your True ROAS on Meta and Google

With Geolift, you perform robust AB testing using zip codes. One set of zip codes doesn’t see your ad, and another set does – similar to pharmacology testing. After the testing period, you have a statistically reliable dataset to understand the full impact of your ad campaign on your sales.

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  • This e-commerce shop ran a Geolift test on its Meta campaigns during a month

  • Meta investments are revealed as highly profitable

  • Sure of its ROAS, the company increased its ad spend, fully confident in the sales it would generate

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